Welcome to Crockett's Buffalo River Canoe Rental!

Conveniently located at the intersection of Hwy. 14 & Hwy. 27 North, in Harriet, Arkansas, Crockett's Buffalo River Canoe Rental is just minutes away from the beautiful Buffalo National River. If you are planning to experience the Buffalo River by canoe, whether it be for a few hours or several days, let our friendly staff at Crockett's Canoe Rental assist you with your river adventure needs.

Float trips / Shuttle times

Crockett’s Canoe Rental is a Middle River Concession. However due to our location the following is what we service on an average day. If you are interested in a particular float and it’s not listed, please call us we may be able to accommodate.

Full Day float

  • South Maumee to the HWY 14 Bridge aka Dillard’s Ferry
  • 9.3 miles
  • 4 to 5 hours straight through
  • *Water Depending*

Half Day Float

  • Spring Creek to the HWY 14 Bridge aka Dillard’s Ferry
  • 4.6 miles
  • 2 to 2.5 hours straight through
  • *Water Depending*

Multiple day Floats

2-day 1-night
  • (water above 3 ft)
  • Grinders Ferry to Dillard’s Ferry
  • 25.3 miles
2-day 1-night
  • (water below 3ft)
  • South Maumee to Rush
  • 18.3 miles

If you are looking for a longer trip, we can put in at any of the Middle river access points.


By contract we may put in ANYWHERE on the Buffalo National River as long as it is at least a 4-day 3-night or longer trip.

Please call us if you are unsure

Shuttle times

All Day Float

9:00am - arrive by 8:30am

11:00am - arrive by 10:30am

Half Day Only Float

11:00am - arrive by 10:30am

1:00pm - arrive by 12:30pm

Cancellation Policy

7-day prior to your float

If water is too high, there are storms, or you forget, your card will be charged in full for the vessels reserved.

However, you have 1 year-to-date to reschedule.


Canoes: Discovery Old Town 158

$60.00 per canoe (per day) for 2 people / limit of three people per canoe with the third person being 75lbs or less

$5.00 charge for third person in canoe (per day)

Kayaks: Jackson Rivera single man sit on top $50.00 per kayak (per day)

Rafts: $30.00 per person, minimum of 4 people / Maximum of 6 large adults and 1 large cooler per raft

(No overnight floats in rafts)

Shuttle: Day and Half day floats only: $10.00 per person

Vehicle shuttles and multiple day floats please contact Crockett's Canoe Rental

Crockett's Canoe Rental Does Not shuttle private boats but, there are other options that Crockett's would be happy to discuss with you. Give us a call!

Included With Rental

Lifejackets, paddles, seatbacks, and mesh litter bags are all included with rental prices above