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Conveniently located at the intersection of Hwy. 14 & Hwy. 27 North, in Harriet, Arkansas, Crockett's Buffalo River Canoe Rental is just minutes away from the beautiful Buffalo National River. If you are planning to experience the Buffalo River by canoe, whether it be for a few hours or several days, let our friendly staff at Crockett's Canoe Rental assist you with your river adventure needs.

River Conditions

Below, we have provided links to USGS National Water Information System sites providing information in graphs including the most recent precipitation values in total inches and waterway gage height values in feet.

Water levels from the USGS Resources

Current Buffalo River Water Gage Levels at Harriet, Arkansas

Current Buffalo River Water Gage Levels at St. Joe, Arkansas

Current Buffalo River Water Gage Levels at Pruit, Arkansas

Current Buffalo River Water Gage Levels at Ponca, Arkansas

Buffalo National River - Float Levels / Skill Descriptions

River level readings indicate the condition of the river for recreation. These readings are taken at four locations along the river. Each reading is unique and pertains only to that area.

  • Very Low: The river is dry in places
  • Low but Floatable: The river moves slowly and many rocks are exposed
  • Ample Water for Floating: The river moves at an average of 2 mph, allowing canoes to float over most rocks.
  • Experienced Floaters Only: The river flows swiftly. Compromising situations may occur. Canoeing experience on swift moving rivers is necessary. All canoeists must possess good river canoeing skills and must be familiar with rescue procedures.
  • Flood stage: The river flows outside its normal banks. Flood waters move quickly and carry debris. River conditions are hazardous even for highly skilled canoeists.

River Levels

Gauge Location

Very Low

Low but Floatable

Ample Water for Floating

Experienced Floaters Only

Danger - Flood Stage

Ponca / Steel Creek Launch

Below 2.0'

2.0' - 2.5'

2.5' - 5'

5.0' - 6'


Highway 7

Below 4.24'

4.24' - 4.69'

4.69' - 6.59'

6.59' - 8.28'


Highway 65

Below 3.50'

3.5' - 4.14'

4.14' - 7.95'

7.95' - 11.75'


Highway 14 Bridge / Buffalo Point

Below 2.74'

2.74' - 3.15'

3.15' - 6.16'

6.16' - 10.58'



Due to occasional discrepancies or late updates, we recommend checking all resources before you plan your trip. These are real time data sources and can change without notice. When you check the above USGS Resources links, you are leaving Crockett's web site and going to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) web site. The USGS maintains these web sites and provides all data therein as a service to the publicc. However, Crockett's has no affiliation with this service and can not be responsible for the data provided. Further, Crockett's has no kind of affilliation with these sites.